Operations Operations

Active Directory choose

A properly configured and managed Active Directory is an invaluable asset to any organisation's network, however, all too often ADs are poorly planned and badly configured. Use this AssessMy to see how optimised your Active Directory is and see what can be done to improve it. This AssessMy was created in June 2015 and will take 10 minutes to complete.

Corporate Culture choose

This AssessMy was created with the idea that not every organisation can be in the top 100 to work for but many organisations would still like to understand what they do well and where they could make improvements. Covering HR, Employee satisfaction, benefits and more this AssessMy is a good yardstick for beginning your business culture transformation. This AssessMy was created in December 2014 and will take 15 minutes to respond to.

Corporate Reputation Management choose

The explosion in usage and availability of social media platforms has brought new complexity and importance for companies to monitor and protect their brand reputations. The impacts of failing to do this effectively are far reaching from the inability to attract and retain talented people, reduced competitive advantage, share price erosion etc. Many companies react to threats to their reputation after they surface, but that approach is crisis management so this AssessMy module will assess your organisations key capabilities to proactively manage reputational risks. This AssessMy was created in June 2015 and will take 15 minutes to complete.

Disaster Recovery choose

All organisations, regardless of size or type, will no doubt experience some kind of technical disaster of varying scale. This AssessMy allows organisations to test the disaster recovery plan and solution they have in place to minimise the disruption to business operations that these disasters cause. This AssessMy was created in Jun 2015 and will take 10 minutes to respond to.

Employee IT Training choose

This AssessMy assists organisations in planning and measuring the effectivity of their employee IT training programmes, from conception through to impact analysis. This AssessMy was created in March 2015 and will take 10 minutes to complete.

Innovative Product Development choose

AssessMy Innovative Product Development is our own take on the key product development capabilities needed by both startups and well established organisations to success with this critical business challenge. It covers all key aspects from initial business idea with some early revenue thoughts through to the point of becoming an established business ready to scale and take over the business world. Created in January 2015 this AssessMy will take 30 minutes to respond to.

SharePoint choose

This AssessMy was developed to enable organisations to effectively analyse their SharePoint setup. This AssessMy was created in March 2015 and will take 10 minutes to respond to.

Startup Self Assessment choose

This AssessMy module will enable new businesses to quickly identify and assess the critical capabilities to succeed. Within a few minutes you will identify key performance gaps and weaknesses threatening success. No startup can afford not to invest 15 minutes running this key validation tool. This AssessMy was created in February 2015 and will take 15 minutes to respond to.